What Is A Bed & Breakfast?

A bed and breakfast (typically shortened to B&B or BnB) is a small lodging establishment that offers overnight accommodation and breakfast.
Bed and breakfasts are often private family homes and typically have between one and eleven rooms, with six being the average. In addition, a B&B usually has the hosts living in the house.  While they used to be primarily an economical way for travelers to find safe lodging and a hot meal, bed-and-breakfasts have grown in sophistication and are a crucial part of the travel industry.

What to Expect at a Bed and Breakfast

In general, American bed-and-breakfasts are significantly smaller than hotels or inns, have owners who live on-site, and limited front desk and check-in hours. Some have shared bathroom facilities, and en-suite baths.  All bed-and-breakfasts provide at least one meal to guests, served either in the guest's room or a shared dining room. This is usually a meal the hosts have prepared themselves, and as the name implies, it is nearly always breakfast. For the most part, the hosts also clean the rooms, maintain the property. 

Why Stay at a Bed-and-Breakfast

Travelers seeking out true luxury are increasingly turning to B&Bs for the modern accoutrements and personalized service that define a quality experience from check-in to check-out. Travelers usually are attracted to a particular area by recreational, cultural or historic sites or need to go there for business. Business travelers, especially women, will sometimes seek out bed-and-breakfast accommodations as an alternative to the typical lodge, motel, or hotel facility available in an area. Sometimes this is for cost reasons or to provide a little peace and quiet on an otherwise hectic trip. Most of the time rates are lower than hotels and inns. Regular bed-and-breakfast visitors consider the low-key environment a big plus.
In the past, a bed-and-breakfast wasn't necessarily the reason a traveler would visit a given area, but as these establishments grew in popularity and improved marketing efforts, some of the most special ones have become attractions themselves.
The bed-and-breakfast concept has existed in one form or another for centuries.
These accommodations have been popular with the traveling public in Europe for many years.
The bed-and-breakfast is viewed as  an attractive alternative to the typical standard chain hotel or motel room. How is it that you can get so much more at a B&B? The answer is simple: every B&B is personally operated by an innkeeper whose goal is to offer you the best possible experience. You’re not just another room number — you’re a true guest, and you’ll never feel more welcome than at a B&B.